Tuesday, 11 June 2019

20 years Control Engineering e.U.



Control Engineering

1999 - 2019 



Control Engineering is pleased that we can meanwhile look back over 20 years company history.

In return we want to say THANKS to all our customers and business partners.

There´s a saying in Austria that May makes everything new -  this is true for us as Christian Brandstötter founded his engineering company on 5th May 1999, primarily located in Vorchdorf, and at a later date extended with trading activities.

In 2019 - 20 successful years afterwards – the company ist located in Waldburg, Freistadt und is named Control Engineering e.U.

In those 20 years of company history there were a lot of interesting orders negotiated. Within plenty of hours, days and weeks we executed projects with our customers. During this time long-lasting business connections were developed and also some friendships resulted from that reason.

20 years – these are: 240 months, over 1000 weeks, more than 5000 working days and more than 50000 working hours by order of our customers; for projects in different industrial fields like steel industry, chemicals industry supply, food processing industry and many more.

Moreover in 2015 we have put our own UPS brand                on the market – for a safe electrical power supply for devices and plants.


20 years company history – for us a reason to say THANK YOU, to our customers and business partners.

THANKS for 20 years valuing cooperation and THANKS for the received confidence.

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