Thursday, 10 March 2011

Handing over the key

Handing over the key for the new compagny Location

The course for the new location has been set.
Early December the symbolic Key handover was made for the future location of Control Engineering in Waldburg near Freistadt.
We will move to the new location in Mai 2011.

The building of Raiffeisen Bank Waldburg will be the future location for Control Engineering System Development.

After various adaptations of the location we will move there in spring 2011.
At the new location we can do our jobs more professionally and more efficiently and it also has enough space for future expansion.


Dir. Walter Mayr, Bgm. Ing. Michael Hirtl, Bankstellenleiter Andreas Pühringer, Ing. Christian Brandstötter und Ortsobmann Franz Kernecker bei der symbolischen Schlüsselübergabe.


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