Frequently asked questions concerning UPS devices:


Can I protect my external storage / NAS (Network attached storage) hard drive with a UPS?

Yes, this is strongly recommended. Security of data includes also a well-thought-out data storage. Our UPS devices Control Power Office Series are proper for protecting the hardware, because they are soundless and can be used directly in the office. 

Can I connect a laser printer to a UPS? 

Laser printers need high power; so they should not be connected to a UPS. However If it is necessary a UPS with a relative high performance has to be used. Therefore an exact project planning ist needed. In case of need we can give you advice concerning dimensioning.
Alternative you can use an ink-jet printer.

How long can I continue working in case of power breakdown?

UPS's normally bridge a time gap of some minutes (5 to 30 min.) In this time gap a device can be shut down controlled. With an exact projekt planning an by using extended battery modules you can bridge also a longer time. Concerning dimensioning and choice we would be pleased to give you advice.