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Control Engineering was founded in 1999 by engineer Christian Brandstötter as a sole proprietorship.The engineering company for electrical engineering and automation mainly deals with process measuring and control technology for machines and plants. The company is international active. In recent years Control Engineering has successfully realized projects not only in Austria but also in Hungary, Czech Republic, Schwitzerland, Germany, Ukraine, China, Saudi-Arbia and Brazil.
Control Engineering gives customer satisfaction top priority. "We offer tailor-made solutions to your customers; as needed we are pleased to offer on-the-spot support. After carrying out a project we are still there for our customers. As additional advantage costumers have the opportunity to order the needed spare parts directly at our sales agency. On the one hand we have the technical know-how and on the other hand we know where which product can be bought."
Owner of the firm, Ing. Christian Brandstötter, has more than 30 years practical experience in  process measuring and control technology, permanent und consequent professional development is added.  

Ing. Christian Brandstötterabout Control Engineering e.U.
"We consider it our responsibility to make sure that our customers projects are run efficiently and on time. Therefore we use all our expertise and our strength."

The video clip is in German only. Here you can read the text in English.
"I'm Christian Brandstötter, founder and owner of Control Engineering, engineering office for electrical engineering and automation.
We deal extensively with the automation of machines and industrial plants. Wether you plan new facilities or you want to reconstruct existing plants, we accompany you in all steps of a project - with studies, engineering, fabrication - to the point of start-up.
A close networt of experts, that will be involved if required, assists us.
30 years know-how in different industrial sectors is integrated in the daily work. This is appriciated by our customers and is reflected in the high number of projects, that we carried out. Under them also some international projects - especially in the heavy industry sector.
Visit our website for detailed informations and discriptions"
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