Steel plant


Basic Engineering for a new steel plant

Participation in the project team of electrical design for a new steel plant (ThyssenKrupp CSA) in Brasil. The team consisted of 6 technicians.



The main area of responsibilities were:

to process and maintain the project database with 14,000 records;
creating the cable block diagrams and single line diagrams for subsystems and
technical clarification with package suppliers;
the technical approval of the MCC and PLC control panels.




In the period after the engineering, quality assurance and support teams on site in Linz was in the main area of responsibility.

The order volume was about 3900 hours for Control Engineering.

The commissioning of the steel plant in Brazil was finished November 2010. On 16 August 2010 is the first Melt occurs. In October, the first shipment of finished slabs left the port. In mid-November the second production line started.

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